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Below are some of our key services although we pride ourselves on tailoring them to best meet you needs & provide maximum value! If you done see what you are looking for just get in touch & im sure we could help!

Bill of Quantities

A Bill of Quantities (BoQ) is a document which clearly outlines all construction materials required for your build, from foundation concrete, bricks, internal fit out items & even the kitchen sink.  


This information is derived from drawings, specifications & other construction information provided and is clearly presented in an easy to follow manner.

A bill of quantities can be easily priced by local builders merchants and tradesmen to provide accurate, like for like prices for your project, providing piece of mind that every last nut, bolt & screw has been allowed for.

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Project Cost Plan

Our cost plans outline all costs involved in your project including: Fees, Utilities, Surveys, Equipment, Labour, Materials & Prelims; along with any other site specific costs we may help you identify when appraising your project.

Each cost plan includes a Bill of Quantities, Cash Flow Forecast & Guidance Notes.


A great way to ensure you have accounted for all costs involved and ensure your budget can meet your design requirements.    

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Full Tendering Service

A follow on service from our Bill of Quantities or Project Cost Plans, we can also prepare a full set of tender documents and tender your project to local contracts and suppliers to suit you preferred build route.


All quotes are assessed and clarifications made if required to ensure you have at least 3 like for like quotes for each trade.

We then present you with a report summarising all quotes received and work with you to make an informed decision on which contractors & suppliers to use for your project

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Help with Self Build Mortgage Applications 

Self Build mortgage lenders often have their own templates outlining how they want you to present your costings to them, we can help you structure your existing costings and present them to lenders to ensure there is no delays in your application or build you a budget from scratch based on your lending requirements.

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Value Engineering

If you have already obtained quotes for a project and have had that sinking feeling of “we cant afford that” then Value Engineering may be for you. It helps identify the key areas which are pushing you over budget and advises on how to reduce costs whilst maintaining the design and functionality as much as possible. We often help people who have been put off buy over priced contractors or over enthusiastic architects – speak to us to get your project back on track!

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Self Build Advice

We can you understand the various build routes and construction methods available and also the cost implications of such. We help you put a robust budget in place and plan properly to ensure your project can be completed on budget and your not left with a half finished house and needing to pull money out of thin air as often portrayed on TV.



When you work with Pro Estimate you are able to benefit from a wide range of construction experience.

We have worked in Quantity Surveying, Estimating, Cost Consulting & Tendering roles for national construction companies, large residential developers and also completed our own self build projects.

We listen to your needs and help you prepare for your project to ensure you are fully aware of how costs are built up and can help you manage your budget throughout the build process.

To have a chat about your project and find out how we can help you please get in touch for a free, no obligation quote and advice.



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Get your budget nailed down to help you create your dream home.


We work with you to provide accurate material schedules for you to price efficiently.


We help you provide accurate costings for your schemes & clients.


We take care of the measurement, quoting, tender preparation and paperwork whilst you get on with the job.


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